Seeing Double

Nation-Wide Beauties

Leana Lane is a sweet summer treat. Be sure to enquire about our crossing paths, as she is occasionally in San Francisco and I am often in DC! What an amazing time you will have with such a dynamic pair.

Michelle Vaugn

"With Golden hair and bright blue eyes Michelle will enchant you. Ambitious and hard working, yet warm and loving, she’s elegant and confident in everything she does. Time spent with Michelle is rarely forgotten. Find her in Los Angeles or on one of her frequent trips to San Francisco or New York."

Scarlett Jones

Scarlett has been my playmate since day one. I love spending time with her and adore playing with her even more. Sultry, sexy and seductive she's a dream package with the body of a yoga fiend. Catch her right here in SF with me!

International Beauties

Harley Stone

Harley Stone my all time favorite Canadian, absence makes the heart grow fonder and when we reunite you can feel the sparks ignite. From a petite frame with a beautiful derrière and sweet face comes a hidden trove of delightful sauce.

Louisa Knight


Louisa is a London-based model. Despite her butter-wouldn’t-melt demeanor, she’s a world-class lady at heart, with a particular love of all things exciting. She's the definition of English refinement.

Valerie August

Whip-smart and uninhibited, Valerie is all woman. A fusion of British wit and continental flirtation, she's a copper-brunette bombshell in a tight red dress, complete with hypnotic smile, poised confidence and a fondness for strong coffee. London & Worldwide.

Sofia Miles

Sofia has a hungry heart for life and people, her bright smile and quick wit, Sofia is all about creating intimate easiness and authentic connections. Based in London and Berlin and available worldwide.


Alexandra radiates a striking joie de vivre and a passion for cultivating meaningful connections that inspire you to be your happiest, most loving, and powerful you. Our combined joy is infectious.

Emma Emmerio

Emma is a companion based in London, and regularly visits NYC and SF. Adorably charming and affectionate, she is the perfect combination of a prestigious university education and model-esque looks. If you're looking for a tall, gorgeous blonde, then look no further.

Mara Blake

Porcelain-skinned, petite, and perspicacious, Mara is the kind of girl who slips into your heart and leaves you thinking for weeks to come. She delicately pushes boundaries both over the dinner table and between the sheets, and is always game for an adventure- especially with me!

Peyton Alexander

Canada's vibrant little taco lover. A sweet treat with a melt-your-heart smile. While her visits south are infrequent they are oh so delicious. Be sure to catch us together while you can!

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