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I love a good trip to Greece, don’t you?

No, not like that.

If you follow me at all on Twitter, I’m sure you saw the wave of innuendo regarding my interest in this “A-level” proclivity.

But I prefer my time to be regarded in a way that doesn’t resemble any form of à la carte menu. Consider time with me as a prix fixe, fine dining experience: it will feel natural, decadent, and not contrived.

With that out of the way, it’s always a true pleasure to be able to share my travel experiences with others. Often, discretion is key, and I happily keep the details of such trips and their destinations under firm lock and key. So when a certain someone doesn’t mind me divulging my most recent adventure with you all, I am elated. (Especially so when we both enjoy laughing at my comical “Grecian” curious cats).

Greece was stunning in a way I was not quite familiar with. The land, while fertile, is rather barren; few trees dot the hills, and the air is hot and dry. The water mimics the soft blue hues of fine turquoise stones and seems to stretch endlessly into the horizon. I discovered that Greeks are kind and welcoming people, whose gracious hospitality felt nearly overwhelming to me.

Mykonos, in particular, is a bespeckled white and brown terrain of churches. This island is the only of the Greek isles that has countless small, white-stone places of worship, one for almost every house. It was a wonder to witness Orthodox Greeks emerge from these tiny temples performing the kiss of the Cross.

There was something indescribable about the joy of exploring tiny corridors of houses, shops and restaurants, from just before sunset into the slowly-cooling night. Winding alleys, filled with nothing but white and blue, emotionally transported me to a distant place.

The days in Mykonos were almost too hot to bear in the peak of summer. There was little more to do than lay in the sun and feel it deeply kiss my skin. Thankfully, Poseidon blessed the isles with cool water to refresh the body and the soul. And with the Halcyon days a thing of an ancient past, a breeze was ever-present to caress me gently.

I so look forward to my next encounter with the Agean Sea. Perhaps I can plan it for us...?

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