Positively Spoilt 

How sweet of you! 

You wish to show some extra affection? 

I adore a good bribe!

If you are perhaps admiring from afar...

My Wishlist is here:


I love gift cards from:




Williams Sonoma



Feel like being generous with my community as well?

Please let me know that you donated to the Marin Humane or Save a Bunny so that I can cover you in excited kisses for helping my furry friends.



I always love a chilled wine to share as we catch up with one and other.

My favorite wine is a sparkling Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve.

My sparkling personality loves anything that will add to it; be it a fine champagne, or a relaxed cava, anything dry will do.

When it comes to reds? Malbec and Tempranillo never fail to please me.

Want to show me a new wine? Please do! I'm always eager to learn!



I'd never turn up my nose at something with fresh fruit, especially dipped in chocolate... Or a box of delights from a local chocolatier!



 A sensual french lace bra and panty, perhaps a delicate heel, or a silk blouse. I have the fullest faith in your taste and I am more than eager to model my new spoilings for you! For my sizing please refer to my "Figure" page.


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